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Pronunciation: [Vee-daal-mar] Translation: Life By The Sea

Life in a Bottle!

Vidalmar Organics, flourishing in South Florida, is the embodiment of the founder’s deep connection with nature, health, and well-being.

The Girl Behind The Bottle

As the heart and soul behind this esteemed cold-pressed juice company, Sarahi's love for the ocean, the great outdoors, and fitness shines through every aspect of the brand. Her personal journey of healing and rejuvenation, fueled by the restorative powers of the ocean and the trans-formative benefits of cold-pressed juicing, has inspired her mission.
Vidalmar Organics, named to honor her father Vidal and her love for the sea ("mar"), is not just about offering the best cold-pressed juices; it's about fostering a community that embraces a fitness-oriented and healthy lifestyle. With the brand's ethos, "Life in a Bottle," Sarahi is dedicated to nurturing a culture where wellness, nature's bounty, and active living converge, making Vidalmar Organics a beacon for those seeking to enrich their lives with health and vitality.

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